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The Interpro Cycling Academy Club (French & Japanese Cycling Club) was created in 2006 by a Frenchman, and a Canadian fellow, with the goal of developing relationships between France and Japan. Young Athletes mainly from those 2 country race together under the same jersey leading a multicultural and unique team in the world. It has grown steadily during the past 10 years to became one of the best pro cycling teams in Japan. The team was registered in the Japan Pro Tour league in 2010 and got it’s peak results in 2016, being the best amateur team and the 5th team overall in the country including the Continental team. In 2017, the team could acquired is UCI Continental licence base in Japan and start competing in professional races internationally. 2018 as been a big year for all of us, we were able to travel and race over the 5 continents, Australia, America, Asia, Europe and Africa. We builded up an amazing race schedule that gave us a strong credibility as Continental team. Many good results over the all season gave us also a very good visibility and notoriety and peoples from many country start knowing us as Interpro team. Those efforts cumulated lead us to a bigger opportunity for 2019, let’s do our best this season all together Riders, Staff, and Sponsors for a fantastic 2019 Season. Special thank you to all our friends, Fan’s and family’s that supports us all in this challenging journey of the team Interpro Cycling Academy.

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