Pablo Torres Muino

Nationality : Spain

Height: 175 cm
Weight : 63 kg
Birthdate : 28.11.1987

Hometown : A Coruña, Spain

Residence : Spain
Pro Since : 2010
Strenghts : All-Rounder


1/ Why you started cyling ?

I practiced many sports and also cycling, I did not feel bad and that's why I continued cycling

2/ Your first bike ?

Goi contini, with the shift in the frame

3/ Your nickname ?


4/ Your hobbies outside cycling ?

read books, nature and see other sports

5/ Your favourite movie ?


6/ Your favourite sportman ?

Rafael Nadal

7/ What do you like ?

I like football, enjoy with Friends and go walk at nature.


8/ What do you dislike ?


9/ France what is for you ?

The neighboring country, a beautiful country with places that I would love to know

10/ Japan what is for you ?

Country with amaizing nautre and culture that I would like to know more.

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