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Nationality : France

Height: 172 cm
Weight : 57 kg
Birthdate : 06.11.1994

Hometown : Chambery, France

Residence : St Martin-de-Belleville, France
Pro Since : 2017
Strenghts : Climbing


1/ Why you started cyling ?

 I started cycling because i like the sensation of speed like in Ski and i like nature and discover new place, new road

2/ Your first bike ?

La Pierre FDJ Colors

3/ Your nickname ?


4/ Your hobbies outside cycling ?

I like all mountains sports, specialy alpin ski, cx skiing and ski mountain. I also like treking and trail

5/ Your favourite movie ?

Fast and Furious Tokyo

6/ Your favourite sportman ?

Martin Fourcade, Killian Jornet


7/ What do you like ?

Food, tavel, economy, enviorment and life


8/ What do you dislike ?

War, Unrespect, Poverty


9/ France what is for you ?

France is my country, I am proud to be French, it is the refinement, many different landscapes and a land of tradition. And also best food!

10/ Japan what is for you ?

I lived 4 months in japan in 2017, i really love this country, people are so nice and the life is so peacful. Safest country in world.

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