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Gauthier Navarro 

Nationality : France

Height:  172 cm
Weight : 60 kg
Birthdate : 11.03.2000

Hometown : Narbonne, France

Residence : Narbonne, France
Pro Since : 2019
Strenghts : Puncher


1/ Why you started cyling ?

I started cycling because it is sport of my family, my dad, sister and brother are in cycling.

2/ Your first bike ?

I was 3 years old when I get it, so I don't remember.

3/ Your nickname ?


4/ Your hobbies outside cycling ?

Video games, cinema

5/ Your favourite movie ?

The Lord of the Rings

6/ Your favourite sportman 

Alejandro Valverde / Michal Kwiatkowski


7/ What do you like ?

 Eat 😂

8/ What do you dislike ?

School 😂


9/ France what is for you ?

It’s my home counrty. Everything is nice here, might no be the best place for cycling as I live here. I would like to represent it one day!

10/ Japan what is for you ?

This is a beautiful country I have never been to and I would like to go there soon!

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