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Nationality : Japan

Height: 181 cm
Weight : 58 kg
Birthdate : 01.04.1997

Hometown : Girona, Spain

Residence : Girona, Spain
Pro Since : 2019
Strenghts : Climber



1/ Why you started cyling ?

I started cycling at age of 14, because of friends.

2/ Your first bike ?

Specialized MTB

3/ Your nickname ?

I don't have it

4/ Your hobbies outside cycling ?

All about cycling, races on TV, cycling is my passion

5/ Your favourite movie ?

Un pueblo llamado Dante's Peak

6/ Your favourite sportman ?

Chris Froome


7/ What do you like ?

I like to concentrate on my trainings to improve and get better every day on cycling


8/ What do you dislike ?

I don't like so much to wath TV, only for news and cycling races


9/ France what is for you ?

Country of cycling, because Tour de France

10/ Japan what is for you ?

For me Japan is a country that I look very far, but I would like to go race

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