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Nationality : Latvia

Height: 177 cm
Weight : 68 Kg
Birthdate : 19.11.1991

Hometown : Dobele, Latvia

Residence : Dobele, Latvia
Pro Since : 2011
Strenghts : Sprinting



1/ Why you started cyling ?

 I started cycling, because my best friend was cyclist and he invited me to try cycling.

2/ Your first bike ?

My first bike was with 3 wheels, but my first road bike was russian brand “start sose”

3/ Your nickname ?


4/ Your hobbies outside cycling ?

 I like to ride with quad bike and superbike. I like cross country skiing and alpine skiing too. Actualy, I like many sports.

5/ Your favourite movie ?

“Bohemian Rhapsody”

6/ Your favourite sportman ?

Jefrey Herlings (world champion motocross) and Kristaps Porzingis ( latvian NBA player)


7/ What do you like ?

I like to spend time with my girlfriend. (Restaurants, cinema, beach) 
I like to watch Motocross, Rallycross and Biathlon competitions on TV.


8/ What do you dislike ?

I dont like Autumn, because in Latvia this is period when everything is grey and people are very depressed. Days ar shorter and nights are longer. Also bad weather. 


9/ France what is for you ?

In France “Tour de France is for me” 😄 I like French Alps because of nice views and I like French cars. I have my own car Peugeot.

10/ Japan what is for you ?

I have never been in Japan, but I love Susi. And I like Japanese car and motorcycle brands. Also Tokyo Olimpics is my goal.

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